Angry Cat Wouldn't Stop Pawing His Dog Friend, But The Argument Ended With Love

Throughout history, talking about dogs and cats has meant referring to a legendary rivalry. Much has been said that these animals often get along badly, and for various reasons, including possibly their behavior and types of intelligence that can be very different. Not to mention that their physical sizes sometimes tend to be quite different, so it is normal for a small kitten to feel threatened by a large dog that barks at it and shows its teeth. However, beyond all this, they can get along very well.

However different they may be, cats and dogs can become very close life partners, ranging from playing to sleeping together. It all depends on how they approach each other, and how they're raised by their humans.

These furry friends were having a conflictive moment when their human captured their dispute. The little cat kept pawing the dog, which moved from side to side dodging the blows and barking at the cat in response.

But surely the end of this discussion is the best. The German shepherd, probably tired, sat on the floor, and the cat pretended several times to want to hit him again, and then, in a clear sign of affection and reconciliation, he approached the dog and lovingly licked its nose.


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